Lone Gunman Kills One, Himself In Downtown Aquarium In Houston

A shooting incident that occurred late on Thursday evening at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston left two people dead while one was seriously injured, police said.

One of the two persons who died in the incident and was found near the bar of a restaurant located on the second floor of the aquarium, located on the 400 block of Bagby Street in downtown Houston, is believed to be the suspect in this case, according to police.

The shootout also left a woman injured. She was reportedly dining with a person who was shot dead by the suspect. Police said that the injured woman had been taken to a nearby hospital and was reported to be in a stable condition.

As per the video footage of the incident recovered by the police, the lone suspect approached the man and the woman, who were dining and were just about to finish a meal, and started shooting, said Houston Police Executive Chief Matt Slinkard while briefing the media about the incident.

Then the suspect shot himself, Slinkard added.

It was still unclear to the police whether the three individuals involved in the incident knew each other, and Slinkard said that the investigation was still at an early stage.

“It appears that the male and female on one end of the bar were not with this suspect. The suspect was sitting at the other end of the bar,” he said.

Slinkard said it was not known how many people were dining or were inside the restaurant when the incident happened.

“This is a horribly tragic incident,” Slinkard said, adding, “And this is the type of situation that should make us all pause, send out as many prayers as we can for all of the families and all of the lives that will be affected by a tragic incident like this.”