Not only do clean sheets and pillowcases lead to better rest,  How often you clean your bedding?

According to bedding expert Malik Karman from Eachnight Mattresses, there's a good chance you aren't washing your bedding enough 

The expert said that bedding and pillowcases should be washed at least once a week 

If you happen to have oiler skin or hair, you may benefit from washing your pillowcases even more 

Karman explained: "Cleaning a pillowcase can eliminate skin oils and other allergens that collect in the fabric, ensuring the surface stays clean and comfortable." 

Meanwhile, your pillows themselves can go a bit longer without a wash as long as they are in clean pillowcases 

Karman said: "The average pillow can be washed every four to six months to help it maintain its comfort and support." 

However, be sure to check your pillows' care tag to make sure they can go through the washer, especially if you have solid foam or buckwheat pillows 

If you are skipping your pillows' wash day, you may notice some more health issues.