Woman who rescued injured 'dog' is startled when vet tells her it isn't even a dog

A heroic rescue mission was marred by a case of mistaken identity when an animal lover was informed by a vet that the “dog” she had just saved wasn’t even a dog 

Andrea Athie, of Tamaulipas state in north-east Mexico, picked up the injured creature, only to be informed that she had in fact rescued a coyote 

Despite the fact that Andrea had accidentally ended up with a potentially dangerous animal, she claims that the coyote was incredibly passive 

Having noticed what she believed was an injured, homeless dog struggling to walk with what looked like a broken leg, she pulled over to pick him up 

Despite the revelation, Andrea was initially adamant that the coyote was really just a harmless pup. As she told local media outlets in the immediate aftermath 

Although she was told it was potentially dangerous, Andrea insisted it was actually a dog, adding that it had been run over by a motorist 

Speaking to the media as the coyote was still receiving treatment, Andrea said she was surprised at how popular her story had become