Woman loses her husband to his new coworker after she gives birth to their child

The last time I saw my former classmate, she and her husband appeared very much in love, but things change quickly

She and I were never friends. We weren't enemies either. She was just there as neutral as the desks or the chalkboards 

I saw her several years after high school. She was so pregnant that she looked like she might give birth on the spot 

The couple seemed oblivious to the cars and shopping carts around them. They had their attention focused only on each other 

Over the next few months, her husband continued to make my sandwiches and fill me in on their lives 

He met another woman while working at the department store and began an affair with her; he left his wife for his new retail coworker 

Everything happened so quickly that I felt shocked. I can't imagine how shocked his wife must have felt