Weeds and unwanted, overgrown vegetation can detract from the natural beauty of your yard 

Even the most beautiful and well-managed lawns are not safe from the inevitable realities of these invaders trying to destroy your hard work 

The easiest way to deal with crabgrass in your lawn is to prevent it from growing in the first place 

The Chicago Tribune adds that crabgrass can be easily identified by its wide leaf blades that have spikes split into groups of threes

Not only will mowing a lawn too short create a favorable environment for crabgrass plants to take over but moving over them can quickly spread the seeds 

Traditional weed removal by hand or with a small tool is ideal for removing crabgrass roots 

Cows, horses, and sheep often rely on the tasty treat for nutrients, which is especially important for animals living

Chemical ferticide should be applied before seed germination — or, in other words, before the temperature consistently reaches 55°F