To ensure that your credit card application is approved, you are required to meet the  eligibility criteria 

You must be at least 18 years old. However, some banks have a minimum requirement of 21 years

Your annual income determines if you’re eligible for a particular card. The minimum salary required in India is around Rs.3 lakh p.a.  

Although, it’s best to check this criterion with your bank as this requirement differs depending on the card issuer you choose 

Citizens, residents, and non-residents can apply. However, there are a few cards that are only available for Indian citizens 

It is vital that you go through the eligibility criteria before applying for a card. Make sure to tick off each criterion in the checklist 

Your chances of getting a credit card increases when you have a stellar credit score. If you have a bad score, your application will most likely be rejected 

Your card provider will also consider your credit utilisation ratio. If your dues exceed the granted limit, it may affect the approval of your application