Walking for exercise could help people with knee osteoarthritis to prevent frequent knee pain

In a study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology that included individuals aged 50 years and older who had knee osteoarthritis 

Range of motion refers to the ability to move your joints through the full motion they were designed to achieve 

Strengthening exercise help maintain and improve muscle strength. Strong muscles can support and protect joints that are affected by arthritis

Aquatic (water) exercisee are particularly helpful for people just beginning to exercise as well as those who are overweight

Aerobic/endurance exercise strengthen the heart and make the lungs more efficient

Free and easy on the joints, walking comes with a host of benefits. One major plus is that it improves circulation – and wards off heart disease 

Always follow the advice from your doctor or physical therapist. In general, range-of-motion exercises should be done every day