TIKTOK is a video-sharing app that has grown in popularity over the last few years

The wave or wavy filter has been trending on Instagram, and many are also using it on TikTok

In regards to the wavy filter, it is a video filter that alters the appearance of those in the video. It makes the subject or objects appear to be in a wavy effect

Much like a fun house mirror, the wavy filter distorts the real appearance of the subject.

The filter is also thought to make people appear to be dancing. Some users use the filter while dancing to create an even funnier video

TikTok users will first need to record the video they want to make for the filter to be added.

Users can add the song by first recording the video and then use the sticker icon to select music.

Many users are also using a popular song called Cumba Buena by Grupo La Cumbia along with the filter