Beer is made from urine at this Singapore brewery and it leaves a honey-like aftertaste

Singapore is brewing beer from Newater - a clean and high-quality water recycled from sewage and urine 

This unique craft beer, named Newbrew, appears and tastes like normal beer and leaves a honey-like aftertaste 

This sewage recycled beer has the finest ingredients, including premium German barley malts, aromatic Citra and Calypso hop, and kveik 

Newater, is not only tested clean enough to make beer but also adheres to the international standards of safe drinking water 

Since water scarcity is a problem in the country, the launch of this environment-friendly initiative might encourage many 

But Newbrew isn’t the first company to brew beer from recycled water. ‘Stone Brewing,’ a craft beer company 

While Singapore has welcomed this innovation, netizens do not share the same enthusiasm