A bizarre-looking, unidentified creature was spotted roaming outside the Texas Zoo 

This strange-looking creature was spotted on the security camera of the Amarillo Zoo on May 21 at around 1.30 am 

The zoo officials were casually checking the game cameras placed across the zoo when they chanced upon this footage 

The picture shows a strange long creature standing on what appears to be two legs outside the zoo premises 

"Was it a person with a strange hat who likes to walk at night? A large coyote on its hind legs? A Chupacabra?” 

The zoo has termed it UAO- Unidentified Amarillo Object, and the officials have urged the residents to help them solve this puzzle 

No animals have been harmed after this sighting, nor have there been any reports of criminal activity 

Residents who feel they can help the zoo authorities solve this puzzle can contact the COA communication