Migraine is a condition best known for its incredibly painful headaches 

But for many, that notoriously debilitating pain isn’t even the most difficult aspect of this chronic condition 

It’s the never knowing exactly when migraine symptoms will hit—and the constant thinking about that possibility 

Just the stress of anticipating attacks can steal so much time and so many important life moments from you 

As a person with migraine herself, she helps patients find holistic ways to supplement their migraine relief medication and live better 

If you are able to stress less and stay present in the moment, it can help you regain a little more control and improve function 

Developing a short daily mindfulness practice, whether that be gentle yoga, an app like Calm or Headspace, or a group practice 

Even if you’re the opposite of a yogi, you can still find your own doable, tangible ways to take control—things you can actively do to adjust your environment