The union movement would seem to have had a resurgence in America 

Starbucks workers have started to unionize in some locations. This has spread enough that the company has tried to block the trend 

Amazon faces union movements in some of its warehouses. In both cases, the workers who favor unions are poorly paid 

In fact, union membership in the United States has been declining steadily for decades 

The number of salaried U.S. workers belonging to unions increased in only 11 years since 1984 

In the private sector, union membership is declining faster than in the public sector. 

The share of union-represented workers at companies and other private establishments was just 6.1%, compared to 33.9% for public employees like bureaucrats, police and teachers 

Both shares have declined since 2010, pushing down the total percentage of unionized employees from 11.9% to 10.3% last year