The New Monster In Stranger Things 4 Might Be The Creepiest One Yet

In the world of Stranger Things, villains have ranged from Demogorgons to the Mind Flayer, but Season 4 debuts Stranger Things’ most disturbing monster to date: Vecna.

Vecna was banished to a nightmare realm, whose entrance is marked by a stone gate, a detail Stranger Things borrows.

In the stories, he could be defeated by the Sword of Kas (a weapon his servant used to betray him), but Black Citadel RPG suggests that for players, defeating him is “less a matter of rolling dice”

Part of the drive and tension of this season is that we have this big new evil emerge in Hawkins and for the first time ever, Eleven is not there," co-creator Ross Duffer told Entertainment Weekly.

During a 2021 Netflix fan event, the Duffer brothers teased the debut of the Creel House, which was the site of unspeakable horrors when Victor Creel and his family lived there in the 1950s

It’s clear that whatever Vecna did to Creel will have repercussions going into the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

"What occurs in that house is pivotal to understanding what has been happening in Hawkins all of these years," Duffer teased. We’ll find out exactly what he means in Stranger Things 4.