Cyber Security Threat: As national cybersecurity threats grow, why Texas could be a target

In the digital age, cybersecurity threats have become a common tool used among political adversaries 

But among the various forms of cybersecurity threats, there’s been a rising focus on the energy sector 

With Texas’ own history of power grid vulnerabilities, including the February 2021 winter storm, Wright said what happened in Germany could factor into potential interference 

And while foreign interference into Texas’ energy infrastructure has not yet been detected, it is an issue whose prevalence has already impacted the United State 

In late March, the United States’ Department of Justice announced four Russian government employees had been charged for targeting the global energy 

In total, these hacking campaigns targeted thousands of computers, at hundreds of companies and organizations, in approximately 135 countries 

With this evolution into cybersecurity threats, Wright said maintaining a strong system of anti-hacking software producers and monitors will remain vital