Can You Spot the Hidden Elephant? This Optical Illusion Will Test Your Eyesight

We all know about the elephant in the room, but can you spot the elephant? It is a great way to test your observational skills 

TikTok has been a treasure trove of illusions, having millions of people guess where an object is, what they see first or what it reminds them of 

The old-fashioned picture of a hunter in the woods will have you scratching your head as you comb through the dense jungle looking for the giant pachyderm 

First shared by TikTok creator Hectic Nick, he explains that “only one percent of people can find the hidden elephant in this image.” 

That might not be entirely true, but it will spur you to look even harder. And when you finally spot it, you won’t believe how it could take you so long 

If you haven’t found it yet, here is a hint: turn your phone upside down. Still not? Ok, here is the solution 

When you flip your phone over so that the image is upside down, the elephant is in the foreground