Dermatologists say this is not true, and in fact, people of color should make sunscreen a part of their daily routines.

It's a common belief among Black and brown community members: They don't need to wear sunscreen and they don't get sunburned 

That sunscreen just protects against sun burning, sun-tanning and skin cancer, and that Black and brown people can't burn, tan or get skin cancer, its not true

"None of those are true," she says. "We can burn. We can tan, and we can get skin cancer." 

She and other dermatologists push back against these claims, instead encouraging those with darker complexions to apply sunscreen routine 

Sunscreen protects the skin from excessive sunlight, yes, but it also helps with anti-aging, acne scars and dark spots 

It protects against visible or blue light, she says. Such light comes from devices like computer screens, cell phones and lightbulbs 

But melasma isn't the only condition people of color are at risk for if they don't use sunscreen