EXPERTS are warning women of a stealthy STI that is often missed 

Trichomoniasis is more common than the well-known STI gonorrhoea, experts found.

But not only is is relatively unheard of, it is not always included in standard STI “check ups” at sexual health clinics or at-home kits.

The NHS says to see a GP or sexual health clinic if you have symptoms of the illness, with both men and women affected.

And it is disproportionately affecting women from racial minorities and those in deprived communities.

The study involved 8,676 women across England. Of them, 5,116 had experienced vaginal discharge - which is normal

They were considered symptomatic because one of the signs of trichomoniasis is discharge, which can be in excess, thick, thin or frothy 

Almost six per cent (one in 16) of symptomatic women in the most deprived communities tested positive