Do you want to detect a liar? Science says ask them questions like these

It has been suggested that lying may be pervasive, with 60 percent of people admitting to lying after one 10-minute conversation 

Professor at University of Portsmouth in England, has revealed a new study that suggests a simple hoax can make it easier to expose liars 

It’s about finding ways to increase their cognitive load, so that lying becomes more difficult to maintain 

Our research has shown that facts and lies can seem equally plausible as long as the liars are given a good opportunity to think 

Frigg is not the first person to suggest that mental distraction can make it difficult for people to keep the details of a lie right 

In short, I think it is about a strategic approach to the dilemma, rather than a limited tactical approach 

And if there is a little trick like increasing the cognitive load so that lying becomes less effective, why not give it a try?