Wooden Box Sat In Airport For A Week, They Pry It Open & Unveil Something Wicked

An airport pickup field with quite a few unfinished holes got here with out correct labeling. The office workers ignored the field 

Because it didn’t have the proper tags, it will be stowed amongst different objects in the identical situation 

The container was roughly 16 inches tall and solely mentioned that it was to be delivered to Syria 

Finally, authorized affirmation was obtained that workers on the airport had the authority to open and study the contents of the container 

After per week of ready in a holding room, the field was improperly labeled. What they found practically knocked them off their toes! 

Three Siberian tigercats had been packed contained in the field. Nobody knew how that they had survived for therefore lengthy 

However, all three of them clung to life although they hadn’t eaten or drunk something in per week! Animals Lebanon posted on Facebook 

The three male kittens had been on a flight from Ukraine and had been imagined to be bought to a zoo in Syria