Can I qualify for Social Security disability benefits if I get veterans’ benefits?

Since 1957, Social Security has covered all active duty military service and active duty training, and was expanded in 1988 to include inactive duty service in the armed forces reserves.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has their own monthly compensation that injured veterans can receive

Like Social Security payments, these are measured by the severity of injuries.

The lowest someone could receive, with 10 percent disability rating, is $152.64 a month, which could rise to as much as $3,816.04 for the most serious injuries.

The amount of dependents a veteran has also changes how much money they can receive, unless your disability rating is judged to be 20 percent or lower.

In good news for veterans, Social Security disability payments can also be received at the same time as payments from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

To qualify for the SSDI individuals must be registered as disabled and must also satisfy certain work history requirements.