Creating cross ventilation can help cool temperatures indoor

Getting a comfortable night’s sleep during a heatwave can sometimes feel like a futile endeavour 

But instead of pointing the fan towards yourself, the trick involves turning it around so it faces the outside through the open window 

But this quick fan trick might help bring some relief to a stuffy night. All you need is a stand fan that can be placed in front of an open window

Lebo, who is based in New Zealand, recommends setting up a fan by a window on the shady side of the house 

This creates cross ventilation, which brings cooler air from outside a home whilst forcing warm air outside 

What the fan does is, it forces cross ventilation, even when the wind is not blowing. A fan will also pull air around corners, as in our home 

It could also help alleviate any discomfort some people may experience when they sleep with a fan blowing