Steps you can take to fight back and get a healthier yard 

"A lawn which is low in nutrients will always struggle against weeds and moss," the expert explained 

If you're still dealing with weeds, you can try using lime or corn gluten meal to keep them from growing or to kill them 

It’s easy to forget to prune your plants and bushes when your lawn looks dead, it’s important to prune. 

Often, gardeners will choose to plant “showy” annuals that need to be planted again after they’ve died off 

Since basil is a deterrent against tomato hornworms, aphids, and beetles, planting it next to other plants will help protect them too 

Lime used in gardens is made from crushed-up limestone, rock, or dolomite, and when applied to soil, it raises the pH level 

Mulch is an organic covering for the top of your soil and it helps keep it moist by protecting the surface of the soil