It’s important that you understand the early signs of lung cancer 

With numbers like the ones above, you shouldn’t wait around with lung cancer. If you notice any of these 5 common signs of lung cancer 

1. An Extended Cough: A common cold or other respiratory illness will cause a cough, but only for about a week or two

2. Breathing Issue: Patients with lung cancer usually notice a change in breathing. Having shortness of breath or difficulty breathing after activities

3. Voice Change: Lung cancer may start pressing on the nerve that controls the larynx. When that happens, you will notice a change in your voice

4. Unexplained Weight Loss: Have you lost weight without trying recently? Although effortless weight loss might excite you, it could mean a deeper problem

5. Back Pain Finally, a lesser-known sign of lung cancer is a deep ache in your bones or joint

The best way for your doctor to screen you for lung cancer is through a low-dose CT scan