Dealing with the Fear of Not Being Able to Breathe

When I watch TV or movies and there’s a scene of drowning, I feel a tinge of anxiety rise up. I find myself taking deep breaths 

When I’m having an asthma attack, it feels like my lungs have shrunk. Even if I take the deepest breath possible 

It feels like there simply isn’t enough room in my lungs for the amount of air my body needs 

The truth is, anxiety can also trigger asthma, so remaining calm is a big priority for me when I feel a change in my ability to breathe 

I’ll also have my nebulizer prepped for when I return home because in most cases, my asthma won’t just flare up and be relieved by an inhaler 

Because asthma and anxiety often go hand-in-hand, it can be difficult to determine when I’m dealing with asthma, the fear of asthma, or anxiety 

It’s taken a long time to develop the mindset shift needed to cope with the fear