Alicia von Rittberg takes on the meaty title role in the Starz series Becoming Elizabeth

Live action role play—still most associated with dungeons, dragons and other medieval tableaus but also expanded to embrace the Star Wars universe 

Middle-earth and other infinitely more exciting worlds than our own—really took off during the Tudor period 

As were beheadings, burnings, backstabbing, excommunication and, for the last 50 years at least, female rule 

And having a lady in charge didn't put a cork in the madness for a minute, the ruler of what came to be known as the Elizabethan era 

Those volumes upon volumes of history are why Elizabeth I has remained such a meaty role for performers on stage and screen 

Be it the older, stone-faced, seen-it-all ruff-and-lace-cloaked queen or the younger, lustier version who had all the feelings before marrying herself off to her country 

"She's ripe for reinvention because she's such an enigma," Cate Blanchett, Oscar-nominated for 1998's Elizabeth and 2007's Elizabeth