Bumper makeup sales as wearing lipstick became a “symbol of returning to life” 

But the party is over for one of the most storied names of the makeup business, after Revlon collapsed under the weight of its debts 

It is a story of social media star power trumping old-school glamour in today’s beauty industry 

It is a fall from grace for the 90-year-old beauty icon, which invented matching lipstick and nail polish 

Revlon’s financial crisis is “not entirely surprising”, the category director of beauty and personal care research at Mintel 

Due to the pandemic, women have become accustomed to using and buying makeup less frequently 

It is back up at about 33% today, but Dover says this shows “how demand has dropped and not really come back yet”  

In the year to April 2020, 44% of women bought a lipstick for themselves, but in 2021 that figure dropped to 30%