New York retired cop arrested with fake badge, body armor, ammo and high capacity magazines

U.S. Capitol Police arrested a man with fake ID, a BB gun, body armor, high-capacity magazines and other ammunition outside the U.S.

Police identified the man as 53-year-old Jerome Felipe, a Flint, Mich. resident and retired New York police officer 

Felipe showed officers a fake badge that said “Department of the INTERPOL” on it and said he was a “criminal investigator” 

A Capitol Police patrol officer approached Felipe before 5 a.m. after he parked his car near Peace Circle  

Felipe allowed officers to search his car, where they found the BB gun, two ballistic vests and “several” high-capacity magazines 

Investigators are looking into why Felipe was parked near the Capitol. He is facing charges for unlawful possession  

“We are fully cooperating with the US Capitol Police investigation,” the spokesperson said.