Individual long-term care insurance helps you manage risks and costs

Long-term care insurance isn't for everyone. About a third of applicants are rejected, and that number is 40% for people ages 65 to 69 

Some employers offer long-term care insurance as an employee benefit. These plans accept people with health conditions 

There are a number of ways to link long-term care to deferred annuities. One way is a a deferred fixed annuity 

With this option, once you demonstrate that you can't do two of the six activities of daily living, such as bathing or feeding yourself 

A less expensive option, which is not available in all states, is a short-term plan. It only covers care for a year or less 

The plans can be a particularly good option for someone who is ineligible for long-term coverage because of poor health 

Some life insurance policies let you pay for care by tapping the death benefit while you're alive