Uterus-Shaped Breakfast Cereal “Period Crunch” Launches To Normalize Menstruation

Research from the brand showed that about 50% of people are too embarassed to talk about their period

In an effort to combat stigma around periods and ignite conversations around menstrual health, wellness brand Intimina has launched Period Crunch 

Research from the brand also showed that 82 percent of people cannot correctly identify where the uterus is located 

The Period Crunch cereal box includes conversation prompts, as well as a diagram of the internal reproductive system 

Intimina created the menstrual-themed cereal as part of its ongoing Seen + Heard period positivity campaign 

“Periods are normal, and talking about periods should be normal,” Intimina spokesperson Danela Zagar told Yahoo News 

Despite ongoing efforts to normalize conversations about menstruation, stigma around periods and menstrual health is still pervasive