One Piece: Red is set to hit theaters in Japan this August, Yamato & Kuzuki Oden will join Straw Hats

Wano residents are happy that Luffy became the winner. They are in the festive mood

Samurai cries happily after the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom. Orochi is no longer the ruler of Wano country

But it's still not clear whether the villains are alive or dead That is why fans are waiting for One Piece Chapter 1051

In the upcoming chapter, Momonosuke is going to be a very busy person, while Kozuki will finally rebuild their homeland

During the Onigashima Raid, Yamato made it clear that she wanted to join the Straw Hats

Yamato will also follow in the footsteps of her idol Kozuki Oden. We can still expect some more twists in the story

Several unofficial spoilers are doing the rounds on the internet