KIDS are inquisitive and are always looking for a new adventure.

Now Bianca is telling her story in a bid to warn other parents of the dangers of electrical appliances, after little Daisy was left with burns all over her feet.

Bianca said she had been folding up clothes while three-year-old Eddie and one-year-old Daisy were playing in the garage.

In the garage, there was also a treadmill which they had unplugged so it couldn't be turned on.

But as Bianca folded the clothes, little Eddie managed to plug in and turn on the piece of equipment.

Sadly the treadmill started running as soon as it was plugged back in, her feet were pulled into the treadmill and they became jammed 

While she was panicking, Bianca reassured her little one and called her sister-in-law who is a nurse  

It's important to note that the treatment for a friction burn is the same as other burns caused by heat or fire.