As a parent, you are entitled to make decisions for your little one, not everyone has to agree with the decisions 

When parents make decisions for their children, they will never tell them to do wrong. No parent ever wants their child to go in the wrong direction 

But, when you broadcast your decision to thousands of people who follow you on social media, there are some that would disagree with your decisions 

Baby Lara was born in January and her mom, who was not named, has amassed over 822,000 followers on TikTok. The mother often shares videos of her newborn baby 

Many of her social media followers noticed the videos of when Lara was barely 24 hours old showed that she had her ears pierced 

But, many of her followers expressed concerns and a lot of them were upset by such a young baby having her ears pierced 

Some people said that it is normal in certain cultures to have the ears of little babies pierced when they are born 

Other people also agreed with the mom and pointed out how traditions vary from culture to culture.