MomTok isn't boring. Last week, a friend group of mormon parenting influencers in Utah imploded.

Thankfully, numerous TikTokers were on hand to break down the juicy drama.

At the center of the drama is Taylor Frankie Paul and her husband Tate. Paul’s TikTok has 3.5 million followers who watch videos of herding a variety of dance challenges, or her daughter putting on make-up.

The drama kicked off when Paul announced that she and her husband were separating. In one video, she claimed that her “life was falling apart.”

Another showed her packing boxes and expressing excitement about co-parenting with Tate.

Her soon-to-be-ex-husband seemed less excited: he removed all evidence of Taylor off his Instagram.

Around the same time, multiple other moms from their tight-knit content-creation crew unfollowed the influencer and even allegedly liked comments that hinted at her cheating on Tate.

This was all very basic “two influencers break up a content house” drama until Paul took to TikTok Live to explain what happened.