More than a million Americans set to get $800 in tax rebates as well as cut in new plan

MORE cash could be on the way to another group of Americans to help fight inflation 

South Carolina lawmakers in both the House and Senate reached a compromise on a $13.8billion state budget 

The rebate is worth up to $800 per taxpayer. All South Carolinians who file income tax returns should get that amount back in 2022

Out of 2.5million residents that file tax returns, roughly 44% pay nothing in income taxes, according to WLTX 

If this is you, then you won’t get a rebate payment. Assuming the budget passes, the checks are set to go out in November or December

Also, some working South Carolinians will get other benefits. For teachers, the minimum salary will jump to $40,000 from $36,000

Moreover, there will also be tax cuts for 1.1million that pay the highest rate of income tax