Man loses nearly 100 pounds waiting for the return of this Taco Bell item

One Taco Bell fan has committed to a fitness plan on TikTok until the fast-food chain brings back his go-to cheat meal order 

Chris Sandberg -- aka "stuftnacho" on TikTok -- said he would do just about anything for his favorite fast food 

There's a number of people that'll say every item at Taco Bell tastes the same, but trust me, the grilled stuft nacho is the exception 

Last year, weighing nearly 300 pounds, Sandberg kicked off his health journey with an exercise challenge on social media 

For 100 days, Sandberg documented the transformation in its entirety. After 473 days, he's down nearly 100 pounds 

Although the grilled stuft nacho has not returned to the menu for the masses, when Taco Bell took notice of Sandberg's videos 

Until the folded and grilled tortilla dish returns permanently, Sandberg said he will stay the course