Man kept his $100,000 lottery win a secret from his wife to 'surprise her on her birthday'

A North Carolina man won a $100,000 lottery prize in April. He decided to wait for two months before telling his wife to "surprise" her

"She thought I was making a joke or something," Jone Buadromo told lottery officials 

Jone Buadromo bought his $3 Power Play ticket at a convenience store in Alliance, North Carolina in April 

Buadromo's ticket "matched numbers on four white balls and the Powerball in the April 11 drawing to win $50,000 

The 72-year-old claimed his prize earlier this week, He told lottery officials that he didn't tell his wife about the prize until late May

"She thought I was making a joke or something," Buadromo said, per the news release. "I told her, 'No we really won." 

The winner said that he may potentially spend the money on purchasing land at a beach and building a rental property