Man promises to split his lottery winnings with his friends if he wins

A family friend was in dire straits. His wife threw him out of the house because she didn't like the birthday and anniversary gifts

The presents weren't luxurious enough. They weren't expensive enough. Worst of all, they weren't plentiful enough 

He told his best friend and his best friend's wife about his situation. He didn't know what else to do because he had nowhere to stay 

They took him into their household and told him he could stay as long as he needed to stay to get back on his feet 

He lived with his friends, and he ate dinner with them every night. He didn't pay them a single red cent, either 

As he filled out his lottery cards one night after dinner, he turned to his friends and said, "If I ever win the lottery, you will never want for anything ever again 

The man won the lottery. In fact, he won the big jackpot of five million dollars. He was thrilled 

He didn't split his lottery winnings; he didn't even pay his friends back for their generosity. Instead, he went back to his wife