Justin Bieber says half his face is paralyzed due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Justin Bieber revealed Friday that he has been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which has left half of his face paralyzed 

The news comes after Bieber postponed several upcoming concerts because of a previously unidentified illness 

In an Instagram video Friday, Bieber showed fans that he can only do things like blinking and smiling with one side of his face 

"For those who are frustrated by my cancellation of the next shows, I'm just physically obviously not capable of doing them," Bieber said 

While Bieber said the illness was "serious," he added he has been doing facial exercises to get movement back 

Bieber added that his face "will go back to normal," but said it will take an undetermined amount of time 

According to the Mayo Clinic, Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when a virus affects the facial nerves near a person's ear