In the Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast has great guests and a month ago one of them was John Cena 

One of the first topics was the transition from the WWE world to the world of Hollywood. John Cena described the experience 

“There sure was, and that was a lot of failures and a lot of stuff that people didn’t want to see,” Cena said 

I have a street sense or guerilla training in everything that comes to marketing and promotion and branding, performing in front of a live audience, and acting 

All of my education is from people I can learn from, not in a formal classroom and not because I chose it as a career path at a young age 

“I just kind of learned as I go. And those curves are harsh sometimes, and there are a lot of failures there 

So because it was comfortable and because the audience knew me, I knew the boundaries of chances I could take. And I would test those 

“Where I found my comfort zone was parodying myself, like in the Fred movies, and being on shows with an audience,” Cena said