Is It Real? Japanese man, Toko spends $15000 on incredibly lifelike dog costume

A Japanese man spent about $15,700 on a realistic border collie costume to fulfill his "dream of becoming an animal,"

Posting to Twitter last month, the man, Toko, shared a video of himself modeling the costume

It has amassed more than 1.3 million views and thousands of comments from viewers who said the costume looked "too real."

Toko commissioned Zeppet, a Japanese company known for making sculptures and costumes for movies, to make the garment

Apparently, it took the Zeppet team 40 days and "multiple rounds of trials and revisions" to nail the costume

As per reports, it took 40 days to create the unique costume. Toko wanted his fits to be perfect 

It appears the hard work paid off. In his now-viral tweet, Toko wrote: "Thanks to you"