Here are a few health tips for corporate employees to lead a healthy lifestyle 

The corporate life eventually gets to us. The rat-race, the long hours of sitting in front of the screens, the non-stop work

The corporate employees are often spotted going through a range of health issues that appear over a period of time 

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, a few days back, addressed the issue of corporate work culture and how it impacts the body negatively 

Waking up at 7am and coming home at 9pm from work, only to feel physically and emotionally exhausted at home with family is common today 

Stress at work impacts our health in more ways than we can fathom – from mental health to our hormones to leading to unhealthy eating and sleeping habits 

“A stressful life can harm you in more ways than you think, impacting both your mental state and your hormones, diet, weight, sleep 

“Working non-stop and late hours has seriously messed up your health? You’re not alone