It is risky to swipe up your credit card at these places due to increasing fraud

Credit card fraud has become a constant and pervasive threat, and debit cards aren't immune to being stolen either

Illegally obtaining credit or debit-card information from a card reader is a type of scam called skimming 

The first step to prevent your debit-card information from being stolen is to use it only at trusted locations 

Though gas stations are slowly updating their payment terminals, many pumps remain easy targets for criminals 

When you open a tab at a bar or pass a debit card to a server to pay for the check, you don’t know where the card will be swiped or who will see its information 

Though it isn’t always avoidable, paying with a debit card at retail stores can make consumers vulnerable to skimmers. 

Over half of U.S. consumers prefer shopping online rather than in a store, according to a 2022 study by Raydiant. But shopping online is not necessarily safer