ONLINE intruders can easily piggyback off of your internet router and pose a significant security risk.

All they need to access your WiFi is your network credentials and they could be stealing your access scot-free 

According to recent research from broadband provider Konnect, more than 4million Brits have "hacked" a neighbour’s connection 

A total of 1.6million said they did so having held onto passwords after getting permission on a previous occasion 

But 2.7million hacked their way in by guessing passwords, with combinations so simple that one in three cracked the code within half an hour 

A fifth (18 per cent) of perpetrators spent over two hours trying various password combinations 

If a tech-savvy criminal has access to you router, they can cause all sorts of trouble 

If you suspect that someone is stealing your WiFi, there are a few ways that you can catch them out