The hunter x hunter manga may finally be back

A twitter account said to be run by Hunter x Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi posted a small update on Tuesday: a photo of the corner of a manga page with a sentence that roughly translates to “4 more episodes for the time being.”

The most recent volume of Hunter x Hunter came out in 2018 in Japan.

Hunter x hunter has been on hiatus for over 1,200 days at this point, but it seems that record could come to an end soon.

Yusuke murata, the mangaka behind One-Punch Man, is part of the Shueisha family much like Togashi.

Urata understands this new page to be togashi himself, and that would mean the update on Hunter x Hunter is legit.

In the meanwhile, the 2011 anime — which runs the majority of the manga, till this current arc — is available to stream on crunchyroll and hbo max.

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