The slow motion video of the cat stopping a human from petting it was posted on Instagram 

Cats are known to be very particular about how they want to be petted and when 

There are also videos on the Internet showcasing this particular behavarioul trait of the kitties 

There is now a latest inclusion to that list and it shows how an adorable cat stops a human from petting it. The clip may also leave you chuckling 

The video was originally posted on the Instagram page of a golden British shorthair cat named Tootie 

It, however, captured people’s attention after being re-shared on an Instagram page 

“'Not today human'. The look in her eyes…she literally saying the ‘audacity’,” they wrote while posting the video 

The video shows a person trying to touch the kitty’s paw with their finger. However, what happens next will leave you laughing out loud