STUDENT loan repayments continue to remain on hold as the Biden extended the pause 

There are more than 44million Americans with outstanding student loan debt and people are watching and waiting to see if President Biden will forgive student loans 

The exact damage depends on how overdue the payment is, and whether you missed a federal or private loan repayment 

Federal loans have standardized consequences, so you're facing the same penalty whether your lender is Nelnet or Aidvantage 

One day after your payment was due, your loan will be marked as delinquent and will remain so until you make up the payment 

After 30 days, your loan servicer will start charging late fees up to 6% of the missed payment 

At 90 days past due, your lender will report to the three major credit bureaus that you're delinquent on payment 

If you've failed to make up a missed payment for 270 days, your loan will go into default and become a major problem