To freshen up your lawn this season, there is an easy-to-make two-ingredient spray 

You can enjoy a pest-free yard by making your own insecticidal soap with ingredients you already have at home.

Give your lawn a quick fix: Gardening experts say that you can use a rake to dethatch the surface of your lawn

Dragging the rake across your grass will loosen a layer of dead grass from under the new growth – that dried-up grass is known as thatch.

Vibrant helenium flower: The warm-colored flowers are perennials, also known as sneezeweed. The species is native to North America

Wood to keep slugs out: Finally, Angel said to use a piece of wood to keep the slugs out of your garden

Crushed egg shells to keep slugs out: Another method Angel shared to help keep slugs away is to sprinkle crushed egg shell

Light levels explained: Each light level is determined based on the hours of sun or shade the area receive