Police chief who led the response to the school shooting in Uvalde had no radio at the scene, reports say

The gunman could still be heard firing repeatedly, and Arredondo, as chief of Uvalde’s small school district police force, took charge 

The Uvalde school district police chief who led the response to last week’s shooting and made the decision to wait for reinforcements 

The gunman and survivors were still in the building did not have a police radio when he first arrived on campus 

Arredondo did not have a police radio with him, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation 

As two supervisors from the local police department were grazed by bullets fired by the gunman, he made a decision to fall back 

Using a cellphone, Arredondo called a police landline with a message that set the stage for what would prove to be a disastrous delay 

A tactical team led by Border Patrol officers ultimately ignored orders not to breach the classroom