It is heart breaking when a horse said final goodbye to dog who is about to paas

Any pet owner will tell you that when it comes time for our beloved animals to cross the Rainbow Bridge, it’s one of the most difficult losses

Between the unconditional love, joy, and light they bring to our lives, it’s so unfathomable to think of being on this earth without them

But pets don’t just have unbreakable bonds with their humans. They get attached to other animals in the family, too

A new video that was shared on TikTok by @mrs_bamford will absolutely break your hear

The clip shows the family’s horse, Rosa, bending down to say one final goodbye to Meg, the family’s dog who is aging

The way that Rosa tenderly reaches down to greet Meg is enough to make anyone burst into tears

"Two of most lovely individuals, saying the goodbye for the time being...." wrote the video maker in the caption