Mild discomfort during your cycle, you might want to look to foods that help with period cramps 

Cramps are the result of the normal breakdown of the uterine lining during your period, explains Stephanie McClellan 

These can still make you feel like you have a small troll using your uterus as a punching bag 

They can keep you away from your workouts, from having a night out with friends, from being able to play with your baby, from work 

Ginger: A small study found that women that drank ginger tea during the first few days of their period reduced their abdominal cramps 

Flex seeds: Omega-3-fatty acids like those found in ground flax can have anti-inflammatory effects, which helps reduce pain 

Chia seeds: Like flax seeds, chia seeds are also rich in omega-3s. Try sprinkling them on your salad or add them to a veggie burger recipe 

Fish: Fatty fish like tuna and salmon are often a favorite of dietitians for their omega-3 content

Nuts: magnesium as one of several supplements that have been used in numerous studies and shown to potentially reduce menstrual cramps